"Towards a
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Valerie Gommon
BA (Hons) Woman's Health, RM
Independent Midwifery

"A complete midwifery service, designed to meet your needs"



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Why Choose An Independent Midwife?

By choosing an Independent Midwife you are able to have an individualised
experience, offering care designed to meet your requirements at a time and place to suit you. You will be given continuity of care and carer, an important issue to most women, which had been shown to reduce women’s need for pain relief and to improve birth outcomes.

By working independently or privately outside the NHS system I can offer a service not always available; for example waterbirth, homebirth, vaginal birth after caesarean, birth with family present and most importantly birth with a known midwife. I have also supported women giving birth to twins and breech babies at home and have even travelled abroad to care for clients!

I am usually available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for urgent advice and can be
contacted by telephone or e-mail for consultations as needed.
Research shows that good continuity of care can:

  • Reduce the length of labour
  • Increase normal vaginal delivery rate (reduced need for forceps, ventouse, caesarean)
  • Reduce need for pharmacological pain relief
  • Increase breastfeeding rate
  • Increase satisfaction of experience
  • Decrease postnatal depression

It is recognised that home birth is as safe, if not safer than hospital birth for low risk women


Independent Midwives work outside the NHS and take on clients privately.
Unfortunately since 1994 no professional indemnity insurance has been available to independent midwives; the IMA remains committed to resolving this issue, however this does mean that I practice with no professional indemnity insurance. I am, however, strictly bound by NMC rules and their Code of Practice; my practice is also supervised by the Local Supervisory Authority.





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