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IM-UK Workshop

Saturday 25th January 2014 - Leighton Buzzard

Saturday 22nd March 2014 – Leighton Buzzard

Contact: Valerie Gommon info@3shiresmidwife.co.uk

Or call 01525 385153

This informal workshop covers all aspects of considering, planning and setting up as an independent midwife. It will include business and financial information, equipment, marketing, professional and regulatory matters. Information packs are provided which offer written guidance.

Cost: £75 – Certificates provided

The workshop will cover:

How will you organise your practice?
Financial considerations/Sourcing midwifery equipment
Working with the multi-disciplinary team including supervision
Independent midwifery and the law, including insurance
Membership benefits of IM-UK

“What is a midwife?” – Workshop for aspiring midwives

Saturday 22nd February 2014 – Leighton Buzzard

Saturday 26th April 2014 – Leighton Buzzard

Contact: Valerie Gommon on 01525 385153 or email info@3shiresmidwife.co.uk

Workshop aimed primarily for aspiring midwives, however doulas and student midwives may find the day useful. During the day we will explore the full role of the midwife and discuss the realities of a career in midwifery. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and to gain insights from an experienced midwife and a student or newly qualified midwife.

Cost: £50 – Certificates provided

The Workshop will cover:

The full role of the midwife
How to make your application stand out
The reality of being a student midwife
Useful resources
Hot topics in midwifery
Birth/Midwifery story sharing

Enquiries: info@3shiresmidwife.co.uk

Tel: 01525 385153









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